Speed scrap

I decided to take part in the Speed Scrap over at Shabby Princess. I’ve never done one before but it was fun. Basically you get an instruction every 10 minutes for an hour,  and then another hour to complete the layout. I found this very frantic and scary at the beginning. But I enjoyed it in the end! It made me use things on the page that I wouldn’t have and stopped me obsessing for hours over each little piece. So, I’m glad I did it! Here’s my page (Yes it’s those monkeys again!!)

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve just found out that I was chosen as won of the winners of the Speed Scrap! You can see this here. I’m so excited, and can’t wait to spend my prize! Thanks to all at Shabby Princess! 🙂

Speed scrap layout


3 thoughts on “Speed scrap

  1. some might say “I guess you had to be there…” Well, I was with both of you and my love for my son and daughter increases day by day. The monkeys, however were a challenge. Kept getting into trouble It was all great fun. Cannot wait for your next visit. Dad, Jim.

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