The tale of the ham (better late than never)

I’ve been meaning to write about this ever since I made it. I even took photographs specifically to do so. However life got a little crazy. We moved. I didn’t know where any of my possessions were for a while. (Think my sanity is still in a box somewhere!) But here is the post about the baked ham!

D loves ham. And I was determined to cook one. We bought one on special offer, and went looking for recipes. We settled on this one from Alton Brown. We changed the recipe slightly as we didn’t have any bourbon and decided to use Dr. Pepper instead.

The cooking went well, probably because I had some helpers as you will see…

All in all it was a lot of work, but it was delicious. And fed us (and others) for lots of meals. I’m looking forward to making another one! I’m sure Monkey’s are ready to cook. Perhaps I should make them some aprons?

I’m working on some scrapbook pages, some paper-crafts and some cross-stitch at the moment. (As well as working at my ‘regular’ job and trying to find my possessions!) When I get any of finished I’ll be back with an update!


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