The yellow version

I was so pleased with the black and pink version of the butterfly picture that I decided to make another one. Quite obviously this is a yellow and white version!

I think these could be made in just about any colour combination. And perhaps with different shapes other than butterflies. (Although it pains me to say this, not everyone feels the way about butterflies that I do!)

What do you think? Any suggestions for colours and/or shapes? I’m open to ideas and I’d love to hear yours!


4 thoughts on “The yellow version

  1. I love the yellow one! I thought the black and pink one was very pretty as well but the yellow just cheers me up by looking at it. I love butterflies as well so I just think these are wonderful!

    • Ha ha now you’re talkin’!! But what shade of purple? Ooh decisions decisions. 🙂 I’m thinking of adding some of these to my etsy shop so maybe your studio could have one?! 🙂

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