Pinterest. Do you love or hate it?

For those that don’t know, Pinterest is an online pinboard. You can create folders -or boards- on any subject you like, and gather information that you’ve found online. My boards are here.

I’ve found it really useful, to store ideas and things that have caught my eye. Things I’d like to come back to or that inspire me. Cute things, things that make me laugh. Things I’d like to make, things I’d like to have. Things… Here perhaps you will see the reason I dislike Pinterest. It eats time. There are too many pretty, funny, interesting things out there!

So I try very hard to not spend much time on it. I only use it when I’m researching a project. (Or if I’m totally honest, occasionally when I should be doing something more useful – but hey! I’m human!)

Here is a screen shot of my boards. Feel free to follow me and hopefully not waste too much of your time!

Do you find Pinterest useful or a time-devouring monster?


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