Right Here Right Now

This post is inspired by a post from one of my favourite scrapbookers/memory keepers Ali Edwards (read the post here). Another version of the post that I enjoyed was by One Crafty Mama (read that post here). I’m sure there are lots of other versions too!

The idea is to document your life – right now. To remember the little things as well as the big. And to use them to make a scrapbook page, a blog post or whatever else tickles your fancy!

So, here is my life – October 19th – right here, right now.

Throat sweets and work – sums it all up really!
  • I have a sore throat, a temperature and all that goes with it. Doctor says it’s a virus so I can’t have any anti-biotics. Boo!
  • I have a mountain of work to do. And absolutely no desire to do it! (But I will just the same).
  • D now has it too. Sorry honey!
  • We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of a brand new camera – this should cheer everyone up!
  • I’m sad that we had to change our plans to see friends tomorrow.
  • It’s cold and rainy outside, but despite that the autumn air is nice and I do like the changing colours of the leaves.
  • Had a delicious dinner tonight cooked by Mum inspired by Jamie Oliver. He’s becoming a theme!
  • I’m planning lots of crafty adventures and wish I had the energy to carry them out – and finish the ones I’ve started!
  • I’m grateful that we have family that love us and generously take care of us. I just wish the ones that live far far away were much much nearer.

Have you tried to write or scrap something similar? If so, I’d love to see it – feel free to leave a link in the comments box!


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