Re-scrapping old layouts

Have you ever gone back and looked at your old pages with a critical eye? Not a ‘oh yes that memory was lovely’ look but a ‘I know so much more about design/colour theory/technique/whatever than I did then, wish I could re-do it’.

I did that recently. It’s fun to see how much my style has changed and in some ways has stayed the same. I don’t think that I would want to redo all my pages, firstly because this would be a never-ending task. But mostly because I like that I can see the changes in my scrapping styles. It’s like looking an on-going time capsule!

Here is the same photograph scrapped twice. I think this was one of my very first all digi layouts. Makes me cringe slightly to share it but here goes!

I love this photograph. She looks so very beautiful in it. I like that the page has only one photo on it – that’s something I tend to lean towards still. Other than that, there is not much I like about this page!

Here is one I did today:

Again I used the one photo method.  But I’m much happier with this layout! I’ve learnt so much about shadowing and other techniques that really help the page to pop. And the photograph is still just as lovely.

Even if you don’t have the time to re-scrap your pages, I recommend taking them out, and looking them over. I think you’ll likely be surprised with how much your style has changed. And at how much you’ve learnt!


2 thoughts on “Re-scrapping old layouts

  1. I look at my old scrapbooks all the time because my kids love looking at them. I have to admit some of the pages definitely make me cringe but I will never redo them. The kids love them just the way they are. If nothing else try will have a time capsule of my skills.

  2. Thanks for the comment 🙂 You are of course right, the memories will be the same no matter how the pages look. It’s fun taking a trip down memory lane in regards to scrapping skills thought 🙂

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