Playing with vinyl

what I loveIt’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Silhouette Cameo. She’s probably my most used crafting tool. (Yes, that’s right, I said she. I’m sure she’s a sentient being!!)

Mostly I have used the Cameo for paper crafts, as pretty paper will always be my first love. However I’ve been dabbling a little with the idea of vinyl over the last few months. I finally took the plunge a little while ago and cut some vinyl. I read all kinds of tutorials about transfer tape and mirroring your design and nightmares with non-straight application. For those wishing to read or watch tutorials, YouTube is your best friend!

Although I was  a little afraid at first, it was surprisingly easy. The first piece I made (shown here) was from a file at the Silhouette Online Store. I had to resize the design and mirror it (which means to flip it!). The Cameo had no problems at all cutting the vinyl. I then weeded the design (which means to remove the bits you don’t want) and used transfer tape to attach it to the back of a picture frame I had lying around.  The frame is 6 x 4 inches so it’s quite small. I just added some digital patterned paper that I’d printed out and it was done. It’s small and simple but I was pleased with it! The picture shown here is from Instagram.

togetherWith my second attempt with vinyl I got a little more ambitious and decided to design something myself. I think I’d probably seen the phrase on Pinterest and liked it. I have a million fonts – well nearly – so the hard part was deciding which one to use!

I also wanted to try something different so this time I used canvas as my base. This was so easy I was amazed! I gave the canvas a couple of coats of paint, and once they were dry added the vinyl. There are two different colours in my design and I attempted to line them up correctly. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t manage it perfectly, but hopefully that will just take some practice!

This canvas is somewhat bigger than the first piece, it’s about 20 cm square (or almost 8 inches in old money!) I’m working up to a big piece for over our bed. Hopefully I’ll get round to that eventually!


Hot air balloons

hotairballoonsI think the hot air balloons are amongst my favourite things I’ve ever made. They’re just so cute! Every time I spot them in the corner of our living room, they make me smile. I think there should be more smiles everyone’s day!

I love that they could be made for any occasion, in any colour scheme. They’d look lovely in a child’s bedroom or a nursery. But they’d work equally well for a wedding or party. I think I might have to make another set to hang in my office. Maybe a purple set?!!

I’m repeating myself but the file was from The paper from American Crafts, Die Cuts with a View and K & Company.

There is a special and unique embellishment on the middle balloon however. My beautiful sister Lucy makes jewellery and she wrote my name (RaRa) in wire. Thanks Lucy, I love it!


New home artwork


Something new that I’ve been holding onto for a while, and can finally blog: The No Place Like Home piece.

Made for my sister and brother-in-law using card-stock, printer ink, glue and a whole lot of love 😉

The artwork itself is A4 in size, so it’s quite a big piece. The mailbox is thanks to the inspiration of my husband, so I dedicate it to him as he comes from the land of mailboxes that look like that!!

This was yet another time to realise how much I love my Silhouette Cameo – every home should have one. Or better yet, everyone should contact me so I can make something for their home using mine!!

Pretty paper penguin

Some days I have ideas but no time to make them happen. Inspiration can strike in the strangest of places. It’s frustrating keeping those ideas in my head while I get on with ‘real life’.  This project is a perfect example of that. I’ve been planning to make this for a long time. (Along with the other projects that are still floating around in my brain – I’ll get to you all, I promise!!)

I had to wait a little while to blog her as I wanted her to be in her new home before hand. As she is now safely delivered, I can, without further ado, give you the Eva Penguin ….


I have to say I’m very pleased with the way she has turned out. (The frame is about 9 inches square in case anyone is curious!)


I’m currently working on an octopus – for no other reason than I can 🙂 Are there any other animals I should attempt? Please don’t suggest monkeys or frogs – if you know me outside of Blogland you’ll know that they just go without saying!! I haven’t yet decided if I should put pictures such as this for sale in my shop, do let me know if you’d like one!

Butterflies now on Etsy

I was planning on having something new to share today. However I haven’t yet finished it and I have a cold {insert sympathy here} so I don’t feel like rushing it.

Instead I will just let you know that I decided to list the butterfly picture on Etsy. If you’d like your own version then pop on over and buy one!

That’s it from me today. Hopefully I will be feeling more up to finishing and posting the new stuff tomorrow!

The yellow version

I was so pleased with the black and pink version of the butterfly picture that I decided to make another one. Quite obviously this is a yellow and white version!

I think these could be made in just about any colour combination. And perhaps with different shapes other than butterflies. (Although it pains me to say this, not everyone feels the way about butterflies that I do!)

What do you think? Any suggestions for colours and/or shapes? I’m open to ideas and I’d love to hear yours!

A new craft adventure

I’ve been hinting that I’ve made new things for a while now. I’m finally ready to share one of them with you! {Drum roll please}. I’ve been venturing into new things – home décor pieces!

I’ve had a few ideas lately and the rest aren’t yet finished so I just have one to show today. I’m very exited about it though! Here it is:

Anyone that knows me well will not be surprised that there are butterflies involved – it’s a recurring theme for me. But, in my defence, it’s not purple!! It’s a shadow-box frame ( just over 4cm deep ).  I used high quality card-stock and even got some paints out. I do love to make a mess! I’m very pleased with the way it turned out and hope to make a few more in a similar style, just in different colours.

In order to photograph it, I removed the glass from the frame. You don’t want to see a reflection of me trying to take the photo!!

Here is a view from the side:

I’ve really enjoyed getting my hands painty and gluey again. And am looking forward to making the next one. More new-to-me crafts coming soon!