The Silhouette Cameo paper village

village-angleThese houses were a lot of fun to make. The designs come from the Silhouette Store. I think they are called Ledge Village houses if you wish to look them up! There are more that I haven’t yet made. They are the perfect size to fit on the picture rail in my living room.    And they make me smile whenever I look at them. I especially love the washing on the line. village-tower village-dormertown village-barnvillage

I made them all from American Crafts cardstock. And the colours were entirely dictated by the colours I had left. I realise that trees aren’t usually purple. But I like it anyway!


Hot air balloons

hotairballoonsI think the hot air balloons are amongst my favourite things I’ve ever made. They’re just so cute! Every time I spot them in the corner of our living room, they make me smile. I think there should be more smiles everyone’s day!

I love that they could be made for any occasion, in any colour scheme. They’d look lovely in a child’s bedroom or a nursery. But they’d work equally well for a wedding or party. I think I might have to make another set to hang in my office. Maybe a purple set?!!

I’m repeating myself but the file was from The paper from American Crafts, Die Cuts with a View and K & Company.

There is a special and unique embellishment on the middle balloon however. My beautiful sister Lucy makes jewellery and she wrote my name (RaRa) in wire. Thanks Lucy, I love it!


Recipe box

recipeboxrecipebox-stackedI have wanted a place to store my recipes for years. I’ve looked at buying index card boxes and decorating them, I’ve looked into making a book and decorating that. I’ve had all kinds of ideas.

Then I found this file at And the rest was history. After years (quite literally, years) of planning and indecisiveness, this box took maybe an hour to make!

Had I given more thought to it, these aren’t the colours I would have chosen, but I was moved to make it and so used the paper my grubby little hands pulled out of the pile first. (Mostly it’s from Die Cuts with a View). I’m quite ready to call it done!

Next I went looking for a cute ‘index card’ template to print my recipes on. Couldn’t find one I liked so I made my own – you can see a peak of one in the bottom picture. I think I spent longer making the card template than I did actually making the box. Now all I have to do is type up the rest of our favourite recipes!

A lamp made from paper

lamps  I do love to play with pretty paper. Here is a prime example of that – something I made for no reason other than I felt like it!

The lamp was made using a file from (I’m very quickly becoming addicted to their stuff!). It was cut using my trusty Silhouette Cameo, I still love this machine and use it at least a couple of times a week. I used American Crafts cardstock (it’s the best I’ve found for cutting). I think the patterned paper is by K & Company but I’ve had it so long that it’s hard to be sure!

The tiny led candle I got at a local Pound Shop. Although the paper I used for the panels is quite thin, the light doesn’t really show up as well as I’d like. So next time I’ll use vellum for the panels. I also think I’d weigh down the next one with some beans or rice. Just to help it stand up straight!

Pretty paper penguin

Some days I have ideas but no time to make them happen. Inspiration can strike in the strangest of places. It’s frustrating keeping those ideas in my head while I get on with ‘real life’.  This project is a perfect example of that. I’ve been planning to make this for a long time. (Along with the other projects that are still floating around in my brain – I’ll get to you all, I promise!!)

I had to wait a little while to blog her as I wanted her to be in her new home before hand. As she is now safely delivered, I can, without further ado, give you the Eva Penguin ….


I have to say I’m very pleased with the way she has turned out. (The frame is about 9 inches square in case anyone is curious!)


I’m currently working on an octopus – for no other reason than I can 🙂 Are there any other animals I should attempt? Please don’t suggest monkeys or frogs – if you know me outside of Blogland you’ll know that they just go without saying!! I haven’t yet decided if I should put pictures such as this for sale in my shop, do let me know if you’d like one!